Welcome to Fleek ⚡

Welcome to the documentation for the beta of (opens in a new tab). Whether you are an expert or an absolute beginner, you'll find your answers here. Pick a starting point below, or use the search box to find documents matching your keywords.

Fleek is a Web3 infrastructure platform that surfaces protocols like IPFS, Arweave, Filecoin, Akask, POKT, ENS, and more. Use them independently or combine them together to create awesome new experiences.

Build on the New Internet, and take the road to Web 3.0.

What can you learn here?

Our documentation provides a high level overview for everyone that is trying to build their product using Web 3.0 infrastructure through Fleek's easy to use services.

You will learn about our solutions, what features are available and how to interact with them through our various interfaces. You'll find guides on the most common use cases if you fancy some quick solution to your problem, as well as detailed guides on the services.

We welcome your feedback.

Fleek is a product built by a talented group of people, but we couldn't keep the bar high without our community, that is always pushing us to be better. So if you find we can improve or have a problem, please bring it up through our Twitter (opens in a new tab) or Discord (opens in a new tab) and we will gladlly help you through it.

Found a bug, want a feature, or have an idea?

We also have a public repository (opens in a new tab) for everyone to create issues, provide feedback or ask questions.

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Last updated on January 16, 2023