To authenticate, you must provide an Access Token Service. Currently, there are two Access Token Service available PersonalAccessTokenService and ApplicationAccessTokenService, but we’re working on adding more services.

Available Authenticaition options

Auth methodWeb EnvironmentNode Environment

Updating AccessTokenService

If you need to access multiple projects or switch between them, you will need to create a new instance of the SDK with the desired projectID

import { FleekSdk, PersonalAccessTokenService } from '@fleekxyz/sdk';
const newAccessTokenService = new PersonalAccessTokenService({
	personalAccessToken: '<your-personal-access-token>',
	projectId: '<your-project-id>',
const fleekSdk = new FleekSdk({ accessTokenService: newAccessTokenService });

Personal Access Token Service


The personal access token (PAT) is ment to be used in Backend Node.js environment and should be kept private, you should use an environment variable to store it.


personalAccessTokenPrivate PAT, generated from the CLI.
projectId (Optional)Project Id is required for specific services.

This method of authentication relies on a personalAccessToken which can be obtained from the Fleek CLI:

fleek pat create


import { FleekSdk, PersonalAccessTokenService } from '@fleekxyz/sdk';
const patService = new PersonalAccessTokenService({
    personalAccessToken: '<your-pat>',
    projectId: '<your-project-id>' // Optional
const fleekSdk = new FleekSdk({ accessTokenService: patService })
Last updated on May 30, 2023