Getting Started



Currently, the SDK only runs on Node environment. It does not work in browsers.

The Fleek SDK is a set of tools that allow you to interact with Fleek’s services. It’s composed of a set of libraries that you can leverage to build your own application on top of Fleek’s services.


The SDK is available as an npm package. You can installing using the following command:

pnpm install @fleekxyz/sdk


This is how you can create a new instance of the FleekSdk:

import { FleekSdk, PersonalAccessTokenService } from '@fleekxyz/sdk';
const patService = new PersonalAccessTokenService({
	personalAccessToken: '<your-pat>',
	projectId: '<your-project-id>' // Optional
const fleekSdk = new FleekSdk({ accessTokenService: patService })
//  You can now access the Services by following this pattern:
//    fleekSdk.<service>().<method>(<arguments>)
//  i.e: 
//    fleekSdk.ipfs().add('./hello.txt')

For more SDK-specific information please check our SDK section.

Last updated on May 15, 2023