Getting Started


In this guide you will get all the information on how to set up and start interacting with Fleek's Command Line Interface (CLI)

What is a CLI?

A CLI is a command-line program that accepts text input to execute operating system functions. With this you can interact directlly with all the services surfaced by Fleek directly from you comand line. Fleek CLI provides a unified command line interface to Fleek Services.


This package requires Node.js 16 at a minimum. To install the CLI run

npm install -g @fleekxyz/cli


The Fleek CLI command has the following structure:

$ fleek <service> <command> [options and parameters]

To view all available services and commands you can use:

$ fleek help


All the services in the Fleek CLI require authentication, to do this you have to run:

$ fleek login

This will trigger the login process, we use Web3Auth to manage authentication. Once the flow is completed you will be greeted like this:

$ fleek login
🔗 Opening browser on 
🧑‍💻 Please login to continue
✅ Successfully logged in.

If at any point you want to logout yo can do so:

$ fleek logout
✅ Successfully logged out.


As explained here, to interact with services you need to have a project. This can be created and managed via the CLI too!

To create a project you can do it like this:

$ fleek projects create
$ ? Enter project name: › 

When entered a correct name, you will be automatically switched to it. Also you can switch through the different projects usign the 'switch' command that will promt a selector:

$ fleek projects switch
❯   project-1
Last updated on March 23, 2023