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Key Concepts


Key Fleek Concepts ⚡

For more information on Fleek, refer to our raise and vision announcement blog (opens in a new tab) as well as Fleek's architecture overview (opens in a new tab).



Fleek has adopted a full microservices architecture, we have broken down into smaller pieces so you can use them independently, combine each other or use our own combinations that will be already optimize for the most requested use cases.

All the microservices will be traversed by some services that will be standard for all like authentication, billing and many more that will make interacting with Fleek as simple as possible.

Some of the available services at the moment or planned are

  • IPFS Pinning
  • IPNS
  • Sites (Soon)
  • Custom Domains (Soon)

Different Interfaces

To interact with the different services you will be presented with an array of interfaces that accomodate to the need you have for each of your use cases.

The interfaces available to you are:

  • UI
  • CLI
  • SDK
  • GraphQL API


All of the usage in the platform will be bounded to a project, so it is mandatory to have a project selected . Any user can create a project and access can be granted to any user by providing an email address.

An account can be the owner of orne or more projects and at the same time it can belong to projects own by other accounts.

Last updated on January 16, 2023