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What is IPFS?

The Interplanetary File system (IPFS) is a distributed file storage protocol that allow computers all over the globe to store and serve files as part of a giant peer-to-peer network.

What is Pinning?

Pinning is a mechanism that allows you to tell IPFS to store and keep a given object somewhere - the default being you local node, though in this case you will be pinning the object to Fleek’s IPFS node.

How to pin a file

You can pin a file from your file system by using the add command.

fleek ipfs add <file-direction>


fleek ipfs add hello.txt
> Success! QmNTCRYiZbtzDGEYtsTKwwtDVQF1XgvebudpRzcXVf5dYM

> You can visit through the gateway: